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Absorb Plus Charcoal Pet Sheets - Medium (60 X 45 cm) - 50 Pack

SKU 49496

It's without a doubt that when pets have accidents, the clean up is quite troublesome. Scrubbing and scratching as much as possible so as not to leave a scent, it's not fun at all. Which is why, as the name suggests, Absorbs Plus's Charcoal Sheets really absorb all that urine as quick as it hits the floor. 

It's super absorbency can hold more than 2 cups of liquid at a time while neutralising the scent with a fragrance of charcoal and bamboo. 

It contains an adhesive tape which allows you to firmly place the sheet anywhere without worry of being carried away by a draft. 


  • Extra absorbent
  • Subtle and discrete
  • Can hold 2 cups of liquid
  • Charcoal colour
Medium (60 X 45 cm) - 50 Pack
Large (90 x 60cm) - 25 Pack