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Easy Life Conditioner 250ml

Easy Life Conditioner is 100% natural & safe, it does not contain any chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives. It is very active in freshwater and marine aquariums, ponds and paludariums and solves many re-curring problems. Easy Life is a very versatile preventive product that brings about dozens of powerful effects.
Easy-Life fluid filter medium represents a completely new product generation in aquatics. How does Easy life conditioner benefit my freshwater or marine system? It improves and stabilizes the water quality, accelerates the maturing of fish tanks, removes chemicals, medicine residue, chlorine, heavy metals, ammonium and many other contaminants, improves plant growth, young fry grow better, promotes coral growth, algae removal and prevention, destresses fish and lower animals, neutralizes harmful bacteria, promotes breeding and much more. Easy-Life ffm prevents unnecessary suffering and dying of freshwater and marine animals during transport and quarantine, after a medical treatment, in case of injuries and bacterial infections, calamities like power failure and so on. The mortality rate of the water creatures has decreased tremendously by Easy-Life ffm. All this with a completely natural product with which no chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives are brought into the water. Easy-Life fluid filter medium produces over 30 different effects, without showing any detrimental side-effects in your fishtank. Size: 250ml


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