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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm
ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Aquael Platinum Glass Heater - 100w

SKU 10636

The Aquael Platinum Glass Heater is an innovative glass heater, equipped with a high-precision electronic thermostat. Temperatures can be set in the range between 20 and 33 °C and are maintained with an accuracy of 0.8 °C (+/-0,4 °C). The heater boasts the one touch system for intuitive temperature adjustment, a ceramic heat sink, and an embedded electronic thermometer.


  • A wide-range, high-precision electronic thermostat (+/- 0.4 °C)
  • Thermostat is fully electronically controlled, which means that there are no failure-prone mechanical parts
  • Indication of the current temperature of water in the tank
  • Easily readable indication of the set temperature
  • Each specimen undergoes computer-assisted testing and calibration at AQUAEL’s laboratory to ensure precision and safety of operation

Models: 100w, 200w, 300w