King Quail

A King Quail is easy to care for and will give you years of pleasure if looked after properly.

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All Birds come with a 14 day health guarantee and a 7 day cooling off period as part of our standard policies and procedures.

About King Quail's

King Quail Information:

King Quail Size:

Small 10-20cm

King Quail Life Span:

10 years

King Quail Temperament:

Quails are the goofy little birds that run around the bottom of an aviary, fuss around in the sand and nestle quietly together into the corners. Whilst other birds enjoy the middle and upper areas of the cage, these birds prefer to keep their feet on the ground, enhancing an aviary by providing interest at the lower levels.

King Quail Grooming:

Giving your Quail the opportunity to bathe is important. Frequent bathing serves several purposes. It prevents dry skin, softens the keratin coating which helps with moulting, and keep your bird bright and clean.
Your bird should have access to a bathing dish with fresh water every day.

King Quail Feeding:

Food requirements of quail are fairly basic.  A good quality finch or small parrot mix, insects, some vegetables, seeding grasses and sometimes a pre-mix soft food.  In the wild quail, like most birds, need daily access to water and hence are found in close proximity to a reliable source of clean water.

King Quail Cage:

They should be housed in roomy and well sited cage to allow exercise and alleviate boredom.  Place seed and water containers where they will not be fouled by the birds droppings.

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