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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm
ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Dymax CO2 Nano Diffuser - 103

SKU 16538

CO2 is arguably the most important element in the planted aquarium. It is required for respiration and growth by all aquatic plants, used in a process called photosynthesis.

The Dymax Nano Co2 Diffuser is an innovative product for smaller planted aquariums, to obtain maximum diffusion of CO2 without any wastage.

The diffuser works by spinning incoming water from the top inlet into the reacting chamber with the CO2 gas, colliding with the bio balls in order to obtain maximum efficiency of the diffusion.

Please note that the size of the bio-balls can be different, however this does not impact efficiency. This device requires a a water pump /power head (sold separately). 

Sizes: 103, 105 & 107