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Optimum 7+ Chicken Veg Rice 13.7kg

Optimum chicken and rice dog food for adult and mature dogs 7 years +
Dog Food Adult 7+Just like us, as dogs age their dietary needs change. In general, dogs of seven years of age and older begin to experience change, for larger breeds these changes start to happen around 6 years of age. At this stage more senior dogs need a high quality, palatable diet that is easy to digest, along with a careful balance of other essential nutrients.OPTIMUM® Adult 7+ has been formulated with a natural source of Glucosamine for joint health, higher protein and concentrated vitamin & mineral levels to help support the health and immunity of older dogs. Dental health is also important as dogs begin to age. The mechanical action of chewing the crunchy dry kibble, in combination with the active ingredient (sodium tripolyphosphate) also helps promote good oral hygiene.

Size: 13.7kg

Daily Feeding Guide
Weight of Dog Amount to feed Weight of Dog Amount to feed
5kg 3/4 cup 40kg 3 1/2 cups
10kg 1 1/4 cups 50kg 4 cups
20kg 2 cups 705kg 5 1/4 cups
30kg 2 3/4 cups 1 cup (250ml) = approximately 110g


When feeding both OPTIMUM dry and wet foods. simply halve the recommended quantities of each products. This is a guide only. Individual needs may vary depending on age, breed, activity level and environmental factors. Clean fresh water should always be available for your dog.


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