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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.
What to look for when buying a puppy

What to look for when buying a puppy

Welcoming a puppy into your family has many benefits and can be an exciting adventure, however, you should consider the responsibility for all involved. We’ve developed a small questionnaire to help you understand what getting a new puppy entails. Click here to take the quiz!

New Life Rescued Pets

Considering adopting?

Everyone should consider the option of adopting from a trusted animal rescue organisation such as the RSPCA or AWL (Animal Welfare League) when buying a puppy. An animal shelter is a fantastic place to start your search where you will find animals that are medically and behaviourally sound. Most have not been neglected, are perfectly healthy, sociable and are simply waiting for a new home and a loving family.

Breeder, shelter or pet store? 

If you want to start with a puppy and have a particular breed in mind, please consider your options carefully. Responsibility extends to you to ensure your new puppy comes from a reputable and ethically operated pet store or breeder.
Where is the best place to get a puppy from?
Now that you've read the above and we know what to consider when looking at breeders, shelters and pet stores, it’s important to know how to identify a puppy farm.



Buyers checklist

If you do decide to buy a puppy from a pet store, breeder, or plan on adopting, it’s important to consider what’s involved in being a responsible owner. We’ve developed the following checklist of things to consider:

Download our buyers checklist here


  •  Where did the puppy come from?
  • Search for a reputable source who is open and transparent. Inspect the pet shop or breeder facilities first-hand.
  • Never have a puppy shipped to you without seeing it, the people involved or the facilities yourself.
  • What breed best suits you/your family, your home and lifestyle?
  • What are some of the common genetic issues that different breeds may have?
  • What checks are in place to provide you with the best chance of finding a healthy puppy?
  • Is your home safe, secure and suitable for a dog?
  • Do you have the time required for exercising/socialising/grooming your dog?
  • Consider the cost of keeping a dog long-term.
  • What aftercare contact and advice is available after you make your decision?
  • What to do with your pet when you/your family go on holidays?
  • Should something unforeseen happen to you, what will happen with your pet?

At Kellyville Pets, the long term health and wellbeing of our puppies is of the utmost importance. To keep everyone happy and healthy we have each puppy inspected by our vet and a 10 point report is sent to us. Each of our puppies come with a Health Guarantee and four weeks of free pet insurance.

At Kellyville Pets we provide a Lifetime Rehoming Policy to ensure none of our re-hom­eable dogs (at any stage in their life) will ever be euthanised. This means customers can buy a dog from Kellyville Pets with the knowledge that, should it become unwanted at any point in its lifetime, it will be rehomed. Our microchip numbers are identifiable in the extremely unlikely event that they end up at a shelter.

As an established family business that’s been looking after puppies for over thirty years, Kellyville Pets is the perfect place to find your newest member of the family. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have so give us a call or come in-store.