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Is a Greyhound right for you?

Is a Greyhound right for you?

We think Greyhounds make great pets because...

  • They require very little grooming and shed little hair, which makes them very clean house pets.
  • Most do not bark, but they do sing sometimes.
  • They usually love all people and are very friendly.
  • They are easily house trained.
  • Greyhounds are very affectionate and always want to be with their human family.
  • Most get along with other pets, and make great second dogs.
  • They live longer than most large breeds (12-14 Years) and have very few health problems.
  • They love to sleep and lounge around a good part of the day.

But, we realise, like all breeds of dog, that they are not right for everyone.

Here are some important points to consider when deciding if the Greyhound is the breed for you...

Greyhounds are reasonably large dogs, they take up space.

They must NEVER be let off leash in an unfenced area - they are sight hounds and can see things as much as a kilometre away, which they naturally want to investigate.

It is advised that a minimum fence height of 1.5 metres (5 ft), including gates, should be provided. 1.8 metres (6 ft) is even better. All fencing should be in good condition, with no gaps underneath.

Greyhounds are not watch dogs or guard dogs.

Are You Right for a Greyhound?

Our obligation to the dogs in our care is to find them loving, responsible homes for the rest of their lives.
These are the things we look for in the prospective adopter...

  • You have made the effort to learn everything you can about Greyhounds?
  • You will provide a stable, long term home?
  • Your home will provide a safe environment?
  • Your other pets (if any) are compatible with a Greyhound?
  • You understand the dog pack behaviour and the importance of you being the leader?
  • You have a securely fenced yard?
  • Your work schedule permits sufficient time to spend with your dog?
  • You understand the ongoing expenses and are able to afford them? (Expenses include vaccinations, heartworm preventative medication, teeth cleaning, nail trimming and grooming and high quality foods.)
  • You agree to never let your dog off leash in an unfenced area?
  • You are committed to your Greyhound for the rest of its life?
  • You agree to return your dog to us, if for any reason you can no longer keep it?

Please adopt a Greyhound for the right reason - because you are drawn to their beauty and dignity, and because you want a companion animal to share your life with - not because you feel sorry for them.

If you are right for a Greyhound, and a Greyhound is right for you, our commitment to you is to do our best to match you to the right dog and give you as much support as you need to make the adoption a success.

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