Tips and Tricks to administering flea treatment November 14 2015

Fleas are an annoyance for both you and your furry family member. Once fleas establish on your dog, they can quickly become an infestation and nightmare that never seems to end!
However, you can easily avoid this whole scenario by using a monthly flea preventative. These are available in tablet, chewable and topical treatment forms.

For most dogs, especially fussy ones, the topical treatment is the easiest option. Simply break the seal on your applicator, part the dogs fur at the back of the neck (around where their collar sits), and empty the entire tube onto the skin. For large breed dogs, it is a good idea to apply the serum along several spots down the spine, to allow for the treatment to efficiently move around the body.
It is important to leave at least 24 hours before or after bathing your dog to apply flea preventative treatments, as this ensures that the natural oils are present in the coat and can effectively transport the treatment around the body.

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