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Everything you need to know about Cat Treats

June 1, 2021

Just like us our cats also deserve a delicious treat. But are treats really good for your cat? How often should you give them and what type of treats are best? Let's talk cat treats!

Treats are totally fine to give your cat. It's a good idea to give them out when your cat has behaved well, and like dogs, you can even train your cat to do tricks with treats. 

Your cat may love them, but the problem with treats is they can make your cat overweight. Treats should never provide more than 10% of your cat's daily calorie intake, and a 5% target is even better. Cat treats are NOT complete and balanced and are very tasty because they're usually quite high in fat, salt, or other yummy tasting - but not very nutritious - stuff.

Remember moderation. Like people, cats can develop a taste for treats, and they may decide to avoid their own food in favour of the treats they love. So irrespective of how many times your fluffy four-legged friend asks you for a treat, your cat should not be getting more than about 20-30 calories from treats a day.

There are loads of treats available for your cat and if you're giving them in moderation any treat is great!

Some treats though are more “functional” than others. Functional treats are those that serve as more than just a treat. They can improve a cat's health and even reduce hairballs.

Dental Treats
Your cat’s dental health is very important to its overall well-being. Dental treats help keep your cat's mouth cleaner and help reduce plaque and tartar build-up. 

It is not a secret that cats are the true epitome of cleanliness, but they can lose a lot of hair while licking their fur. Hairballs can accumulate in their stomach, making your cat feel ill and vomit. Hairball treats help them pass the hairballs with minimal danger. 

Healthy Treats
If you’re worried about the high fat and salt content in a lot of treats then look for treats low in salt and fat. Trouble & Trix treats are the perfect reward for your cat! Made from the highest quality ingredients - you can be assured that your cat is not only getting a yummy treat but is getting the nutrients they need. They are low in salt which means it is a healthy treat option! And best of all they are made right here in Australia.

Urinary Health Cat Treats
If your cat is prone to frequent urinary tract infections there are actually a number of treats that can help your cat maintain optimal urinary health.

Skin and Coat Health
There are even treats available to give your cat healthy skin and coat, no matter your cat's age. 

Kellyville Pets stock a full range of cat treats. Come and visit us today and let our friendly staff help you find the treat purrfect for your cat!

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