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Aquarium Nets

At Kellyville Pets, we have a range of aquarium fish net and pond nets available, including small and compact 7.5cm Marina Easy Catch Net to the 25cm Marina Easy Catch Net, which is great for catching larger fish or a few fish at once.


What do I need an Aquarium net for?

If your asking yourself, “how do I catch my fish?”  then aquarium nets are the answer. Whether it is to move them into another tank, quarantine or bullying reasons, aquarium fish nets will make capturing fish quick and easy. Pond Nets are also great for removing leaves from ponds.

Catching The Fish

So you have your aquarium fish net but find yourself just chasing fish around the tank, so how do you catch a fish in a fish tank? The trick is not to move to fast when trying to get close to the fish, otherwise you will startle them. Once you are close, scoop him out with one quick movement. If you are still having trouble catching them in a net, try using two nets at the same time, one larger than the other. Position the larger net and hold it in one spot, then use the smaller net to herd the fish into the bigger net.

Handling Fish

Before catching the fish, make sure you have quick and easy access to where you are moving the fish. Once the fish is caught in the net, you will want to move quickly to get the fish back in the water. Ensure your hands are wet with aquarium water then gently cup your hands around the net, keeping the fabric closed gently, preventing the fish from jumping out or getting stuck in the net fibres.

If you are looking for aquarium fish nets online, at Kellyville Pets, we will have what you need, and if you cant get to the store, we do delivery throughout Sydney and all around Australia, so hop online, give us a call or come in store!

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