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They enrich our lives. Make us happy. That's why Eukanuba is always developing quality cat and dog nutrition to help nurture the best qualities in our favourite companions. Eukanuba is synonymous with pioneering nutritional breakthroughs, many of which are now used by nutritionists around the world.


A cornerstone of our nutritional philosophy is that cats and dogs evolved from carnivores and should be fed accordingly. That's why Eukanuba use only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb – not vegetables – as the principal source of protein in Eukanuba food. Their contribution to nutritional science has helped millions of pets be the best they can be.

Eukanuba’s knowledge and respect for the different nutritional needs of different breeds has led to partnerships with breeders and their key organizations.

Eukanuba's philosophy on nutrition has not wavered for 40 years: 'we feed cats and dogs how we believe nature intended them to eat'.

Eukanuba run rigorous testing at every step of production. Before you even open a bag of Eukanuba there have been more than 120 quality tests run on the food inside. It starts with testing at the suppliers prior to shipment and continues when they inspect every single delivery of ingredients at the plant. If it does not meet standards then the delivery is turned away and rejected. Then all of the manufacturing process is closely monitored during food production and finally when the food is packed and sealed in the bag.

Eukanuba's suppliers are carefully chosen. Many suppliers are long-term partners who have worked with Eukanuba for years, but they still check every delivery from every supplier and require transparent certification on all ingredients. Not everyone can supply Eukanuba ingredients. All ingredients must pass tests before they are permitted to enter the building, and the supplier must also provide a certificate to show that the ingredient meets Eukanuba's standards. If it fails any of these steps, then it is rejected.

Eukanuba voluntarily have inspections by independent experts. Independent experts audit Eukanuba's quality, and they have received the highest rating for almost a decade, a track record many human food producers would be proud to have. The American Institute of Baking (AIB) International, a well-respected and leading independent certification authority that conducts safety and sanitation inspections of human food plants, also conducts independent inspections of their pet food plants each year.