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Free shipping available for some orders. Click here for more information.

Super Bird Creations

Super Bird Creations bird toys are recognized by bird enthusiasts as some of the safest available on the market. They have created over 250 original toys and products to address the instinctual and behavioral needs of companion birds.

Super Bird Creations is the avian expert's choice for bird toys. These toy designs utilize a diverse selection of stimulating materials and encompass all of the critical destructible, interactive, comfort, exercise and foraging toy categories necessary to ensure the mental and physical well-being of pet birds.

Super Bird's company mission is "To have a positive influence on the lives of companion birds and their owners through the design and manufacture of our products."

Why Bird Toys are Important to Your Bird's Well-being

As a pet in captivity, birds don’t have the opportunity to engage in the activities that they naturally would in the wild. Avian behaviorists who have spent time observing parrots in the wild have reported that playtime ranks second only to food gathering in priority.

Birds have a natural craving to chew and a daily need to forage for food. In the wild, a parrot’s behavior is very active and playful. They have been observed stripping bark off trees, biting off and flinging leaves and twigs, swinging from and climbing on vines all the while chattering gleefully with the rest of the flock. Instinctively, companion birds are still very much like their wild counterparts.

Playing with toys is a vital substitute for natural behaviors such as foraging, nest building and interactions with their flock...


Super bird toys take bird’s safety and enjoyment into full consideration. They use only bird-safe components such as vegetable tanned leather, welded chain, 100% natural cotton rope, certified food coloring and quick link type connectors. A variety of colors, textures, shapes and moveable parts are incorporated into our designs to make them of maximum interest to birds.