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companion animal centre

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A Companion Animal Centre is a retail concept that showcases the highest levels of animal welfare and care for pets. To be recognised as a Companion Animal Centre, a business must: 

• Be open to routine auditing

• Provide an initial consultation with customers ahead of purchasing a pet to ensure the consumer is buying the right pet for their circumstance

• Provide consumers with a choice and safe place to make an informed decision on what pet suits their needs

• Provide dedicated resources to educate consumers

• Provide consumers with healthy pets

• Compulsory desexing of puppies and kittens

• Provide enrichment programs for pets in temporary care • Facilitate the adoption of rescue cats and dogs

• Provide a rehoming policy and be responsible for finding pets from the business a new home if ever needed

Become a confident pet parent

At Kellyville Pets there’s so much pet knowledge bustling under one roof that we have our very own Pet School. Launched in 1994, Kellyville Pets was one of the first establishments to launch a school for pets, even having now famous, Dr. Chris Brown was involved back in the day.

Education is a huge part of who we are, because an informed pet parent can make the best choices for their forever-friend. Whether you’re enrolling into Pet School in-store or you’re learning online, we’ve got the Petsperts teaching you all the tips and tricks on your favourite pets.

 We host a variety of educational courses for both before and after the addition of your new family member. For families that are considering a furry or reptile addition, we offer courses so everyone is equipped with the knowledge of how to choose the right pet for them and their lifestyle and what to expect. For families who have already made an informed decision to take the leap into puppy or reptile ownership, we host online and in-store courses to assist with training and socialisation, so that their pet can grow into a week rounded member of the family.

There’s a pet at the centre of everything we do, we are pet lovers after all. From the first flutter of their little eyes, right through to those golden sunset years, Kellyville Pets is here to ensure every second of the forever-journey is filled with love, compassion and care.

Call us a Companion Animal Centre, a place where expert staff follow carefully considered policies to ensure the lives entrusted to us are happy and healthy, from their home before they meet us (our animals are ethically bred), their stay here - and eventually, on the special day that we match them with their forever-family, and well into the future.

At Kellyville Pets there’s so much pet knowledge bustling under one roof that we’ve set up our very own Pet School. Educating pet-parents is a part of who we are. Sharing knowledge, whether in-store or online, allows us all to make the best decisions for our best friends, for we know they truly make this world a better place and deserve the very best.

We’re able to ensure this is offered to them by catering everything they’ll every need, all under one roof. This could anything from their diet, essentials, enrichment, or even adoption.

Our New Life Rescued Pets program partners with welfare organisations around Australia, helping pets in need to find love and happiness too.

We are the petsperts, able to answer any questions, anytime about any pet. Behaviour questions? Wing clipping? Tank refills? DIY Dogwash? Grooming? We’ve got you, and not only that, we’ve got the pets too.You’re always welcome to explore Kellyville Pets, ask questions and meet our friends in all shapes and sizes, whether they slither, swim, fly, scurry, scamper or bark!

So no matter where you and your forever friend are at in your journey, or what you may need to know, we’ll always be here for you, by your side, along for the wild ride.

We are the pet lovers, and… we love pets.

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