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Welcome to our Reptile Department

Our reptile store has the largest range of reptile accessories, enclosures and equipment available for reptiles. Our reptile products are also available online with delivery starting from $4.95 Australia wide. Our reptile department is staffed by reptile experts that have a passion for looking after snakes, lizards, turtles and frogs. Our range of reptiles for sale includes bearded dragons, pythons, geckos, turtles and blue tongues. The fascination for these non-traditional pet critters has grown dramatically and Kellyville Pets is one of the only pet shops in New South Wales with a department specialising in this area! So if you are looking for your next pet reptile, come and visit us.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure our reptiles and amphibians are comfortable by replicating their natural environments as close as possible. We have heated rocks, natural looking vegetation and we've even gone to the Northern Territory to bring back the right kind of desert sand. We supply all reptile foods including frozen mice and rats, and live food like crickets, meal worms, woodies a lots more yummy critter grub (excuse the pun).

If you live a busy life and have little space for a larger or more active pet then a reptile or critter could be the right animal for you. Some reptiles only need to be fed once a week and are relatively low maintenance (you will never have to take them for a walk.)

Whether you're after a striking scorpion, a BIG bird eating spider, a skinny stick insect, robust rhino beetles or even a brilliant burrowing cockroach we have all types of interactive crazy critters to show you.

Where can I buy a reptile or critter?

If you are looking for reptiles for sale in Sydney, you have a few options when buying a reptile. You can get them from a pet store (Kellyville Pets was the first store to be able to sell reptiles in NSW) or from a private breeder. You will need a reptile license to purchase a reptile and whoever sells you a reptile also needs a license.

Buying a reptile from Kellyville Pets will give you piece of mind as we have been an established, family owned Australian business for over 30 years. The welfare of all the reptiles we rehome is the most important thing to us. We only buy from licensed breeders who we have long term relationships with and offer advice and care sheets to new reptile owners allowing them to look after their new pet reptile in the best possible way. We want to make sure all first time reptile owners have all the facts and take all mystery out of owning a reptile.

Reptile Courses

We offer a unique range of fun-tastic courses on reptiles and amphibians that teach you the A-Z on keeping a reptile or amphibian as a pet.