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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Catit Creamy Cat Treats - Chicken

SKU 48964

Catit Creamy is a delicious lickable cat treat made exclusively with healthy, all-natural ingredients. Gloriously tasty yet low in calories, Catit Creamy is the perfect hydrating treat to spoil your cat with.

Catit Creamy is a perfectly lickable cat treat, named after its delightfully creamy consistency. The treat itself is packed in convenient tubes, each containing a single serving size. 

Catit Creamy allows for many different serving options, which is perfect for fussy cats and creative cat parents who like to switch things up. Some great options include:

  • pop a tube of Catit Creamy in your freezer to create a cool and refreshing ice pop for cats, perfect for your feline to enjoy on a hot day
  • top off your cat's dry kibble with some Creamy to add extra taste and nutritious goodness
  • feed your cat their medication with Catit Creamy to help conceal unpalatable flavours
  • pour onto a silicon feeding mat so your cat can savour their treat for longer

Key Features:

  • Very palatable
  • High meat content
  • Rich in amino acids
  • Delicious by itself or as dry food topping
  • Add tasty variety to the cat's diet
  • Superfood options include additional ingredients to give your feline friend an extra nutritional boost. 

Size: each pack contains 4 x 10g tubes