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Fluon - 100mL

SKU 51051

Use Fluon as an effective barrier to climbing invertebrates.

Fluon is a PTFE-based product similar to teflon and is manufactured as a dry lubricant. In simple terms it is a solution of PTFE particles in suspension in water, so when it is painted onto a surface the water evaporates leaving a dry coating of PTFE upon which most insects are unable to obtain any grip. Being water-based it is a harmless liquid that has no toxic effects on the insects or the animals that feed on them. Once dry the film of fluon is reasonably resilient but regular handling of the painted surfaces will gradually wear the product away so recoating is required every 1-3 months depending on use. It is also important to shake the unused solution every few weeks to stop the particles from settling out which may diminish its effectiveness.

A light film of fluon is all that is required and this can be applied by paint brush, cloth or spray bottle. Clean up any excess before it dries. Allow to air dry (this will only take 10-15 minutes) and you are ready to introduce your woodies with no fear of any escapees. Fluon can also be used on smaller containers which are used as feed dishes in the animal's enclosures. This way the roaches remain in full view until eaten and can't run off and hide in some inaccessible crevice in the cage.

Directions: Apply a 30-40mm wide strip around the top of the inside walls of the container and allow to dry thoroughly.

Shake contents every 3-4 weeks to stop the solution settling.