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Greenies Dental Catnip Cat Treats - 60g

SKU 4345

GREENIES™ Dental Treats have been developed by a team of experts from the Waltham Petcare Science Institute. Veterinarians, Nutritionists and Scientists have worked together to help develop this range of healthy treats, purposely designed for cat teeth.

For over a decade they have been dedicated to creating treats with proven health benefits. Utilising the most advanced science and understanding of pets' needs. FELINE GREENIES™ Dental Treats deliver essential oral care benefits and a taste your cat will love. Irresistibly tasty, incredibly powerful. Their specially formulated crunchy texture is designed to reduce tartar buildup by enabling your cat's teeth to sink deeply into the treat. Feed daily for your cat to experience the amazing effect of clean teeth, fresh breath and delicious flavour.

Oral health issues such as dental disease are the most common health problems diagnosed in adult pets, and it is often a silent process that progresses without detection. Feline Greenies contain natural oat fibre to mechanically clean your cat’s teeth, removing plaque and tartar as they chew. They offer complete nutrition and with an irresistible catnip flavour, they are sure to stir up purrs of joy at the same time.

Not recommended for cats under 12 months of age.

Size: 60g, 130g & 277g