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ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm
ANZAC Day Trading Hours: 11am - 5pm

Get Your Pet Right Hermit Crab Kit

SKU 50578

A convenient kit containing all of the essentials to house a small colony of hermit crabs.

Kit includes:

  • Mesh top glass terrarium (45 x 29 x 35cm)
  • Mini 4" reflector dome and mini 35w halogen lamp
  • 2 x water dishes
  • Food dish
  • Thermo-hygrometer
  • Stump ornament for climbing and hiding
  • Water conditioner
  • Hermit crab salt
  • 8 litres coco peat

Metal mesh top on terrarium ensures adequate ventilation and has a secure, cable vent for use with the Tropical Humidifier.