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Click here to read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Kazoo Dog Brush Slicker - Small

SKU 48423

Slicker Brushes are ideal to help remove loose hair, undercoat and small mats from your dog’s coat.

This Slicker Brush has ‘softer’ stainless steel curved pins that are ideal for small and medium dog breeds, as well as single coated dogs.

Work in small sections of your dog’s coat without excessive pulling, to avoid undue discomfort and stress. 

Carefully brush with the lie of the hair and in the event of heavy matting, you will need to devote some time using a dematting tool or knot remover to gently remove the mat. In this event, it may be practical to groom your dog over several sessions to avoid causing additional discomfort and stress.

Size: Small, Medium & Large