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Dog Fly Repellent

Dog Repellents
Fly bites on dogs ears are very common in Australia, especially in the warmer months. Unfortunately fly bites on dogs ears can cause cracked skin and bleeding wounds and at worst, biting insects can cause infections on your dog.
Biting flies and insects can cause dogs alot of irritation and broken skin on the tips of thier ears and other body parts.
Repellents are an easy way of keeping biting insects away from your dog.


Repellent cream
Insect repellent cream is a twice a day application to keep biting flies away from particular areas on your dog such as ears, feet, back etc.
A cream to repel insects is applied to the designated area. Dog fly repellent cream should be used as a repellent and a preventative, not a treatment.

Insect repellent spray
Insect repellent spray for dogs is fast acting. Fly repellent spray is a fast acting product used to repel flies, fleas, mosquitos and other biting insects.
Dog Insect repellent is available online or in store here at Kellyville pets and can be used on dogs, homes, cattle and other animals when specified on the product label.

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